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Rhonda Epperson
Born in United States
44 years
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Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.Mahatma Gandhi

This memorial was made in honor of our beautiful mother, Rhonda June Epperson. Our mother went to be with the Lord on September, 16 of 2006 at the young age of 44. Her memory lives on in our kids and in our hearts. I feel her arms around me each day and I can still see her radiant smile exuding love. Our mother taught us the power and gift of true love.Thank you mommy and may you touch the lives of many more people now that you are no longer just an earth angel but one of the holy angels seated with the Lord.

For those of you who knew and loved our mom we thank you for coming to visit he memorial site. The Rhonda you knew was many times, hidden behind an awful mental illness. Her bi polar depression kept many people from truly seeing her true spirit. She was an amazingly loving person who would spend her last dollar on her grandbabies or kids without a second thought. She had no food in her kitchen but, she only thought of her family, not of herself. Take this as a lesson to always love no matter what. You never know what goodness is deep inside someone's heart when it is covered in a cloak of illness. Allow the Lord to open your eyes and heart to the greatness not seen by all. Our mother embodies the person who may not appear at all times to be the person we have all known her as due to the mental illness but, there is and will always be greatness within her.


Latest Memories
Robyn Chase Angels in Heaven September 16, 2014
Time seems to fly by way too fast, as it seems as though it was only yesterday when I was chasing you down the hall and you fell and hit your head.  I got in so much trouble, but it did not matter, as I was just so happy you were going to be okay. I sit here and think about all the years we missed due to the circumstances of life, but then I also remember how much I loved each moment we had.  I never told you how much you meant to me often enough.  Now as I think about your life I truly know that you are in Heaven and that you are getting to know your niece and that you are holding her for me. I miss her so much Sis, just as I miss you.  Please give her an extra hug from me and tell her that I love her and miss her.  God took you both way too early and you both were so much alike in so many ways.  I can even see the same charateristics in your faces and smiles. I am so sorry that we did not have the closeness that we both deserved Sis, but I will continue to wait for the day when I can hold you both again.  Life teaches us the lessons we forget to learn along the way, and sometimes in the hardest ways.  

I love you Sis, give my girl a hug and have her give one from me to you.  Know that you both mean the world to me and that I miss you everyday of my life.

Your sister, Robyn 
Mel Missing you Mom August 27, 2014

I love you so much. Not a day goes by I don't think of all the memories. You would be so happy with how far I've come in my life. I know you taught me to find the strength. Its crazy to look through all the pictures and think of how much has changed. So many different chapters in our lives. I think of you today, tomorrow and forever.
Mom, you raised us to always be there for one another and never turn away but since you have been gone it seems we have lost sight of that important lesson. Now Josh is putting down our familys name and walking away to his newfound family and my heart is breaking. There is nothing I can do but let him do what he feels is best. Mom, I miss your hugs...I miss you just holding me and making it all better. I miss my very best friend who could just reach out to me. I am doing my best to know that this too shall pass...please just hold me in your arms and help me to be a strong woman as you raised me to be. I love you and my heart aches for you every day of my life.

Mom, I remember sitting in the yard talking about Audrey and us searching for hours online to find her and now it has happened. It is amazing mom, she looks so much like you and she is pretty great. We talk often and I feel more complete with her in my life. I wish you could have shared in these moments with us but I know you are with us each step of the way. Thank you for keeping her memory alive for us and always making her a big part of our lives cuz it has been a journey. We will take good care of your oldest daughter mom. I love you!

Mel *sissy*
Well, yesterday was yet another Thanksgiving without you. I cried after Aunt Reba called. I was grateful but it reminded me that it won't be you calling me....telling me the potatoes are almost ready and to not forget to bring some clothes for the kids and maybe we can all have a sleep over. I am doing so well in my life but still struggling with figuring out who I am. It hurts to not have your advice or just your support. I love you more than words can express and I will never let your memory fade....forever in my heart and forever part of my being....your little girl. Mel Mel

Latest Condolences
Lily Grandaughter September 16, 2014
Grandma , I miss you so much ,(: I like to believe your proud of me , mom & the boys. You would have loved Ethan & jake , they buttheads , i miss you so much(: I hope heaven is great(: love you!
Nellie Friend of Melanie's November 3, 2006
Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.  You mother was a wonderful person, dedicated to you - I could see it so clearly when we were in middle/high school.  Through ups and downs, she always loved and cared for you.  I know that she will always watch over you all!
Renae A Friend Of Josh's October 29, 2006
Josh when I found out your mom had passed away, I felt so bad. We couldn't get ahold of you and the thought of you finding out too late scared me and all I wanted was to tell you how sorry I was and that I was there for you. So here it is, I'm here for you Josh. You're my Joshy-Pooh-Bear. =o) and  I love you very much. May your mom rest in paradise... she raised such a wonderful son... for that, I thank her and I'm glad to be able to say I have you in my life... love ya...
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